Policies and Information:

Portlaoise Leisure Centre

Customer Service Charter

Portlaoise Leisure Centre Ltd is here to provide the best service it possibly can for all of its customers. We will strive to better our Centre to make every one of your visits better than the next. If you feel that our service is not up to the standards you expect then these are some of the ways you can tell us, and also how we deal with such.

Customer Complaints

For most who visit our facility the experience is a positive one, in some instances your visit may be disappointing to you and/or your guests, in which case we would like to hear from you. Tell us how you felt about your visit and we will promise to do the following:

  1. Listen to your complaint/feedback without contradiction or interruption.
  2. Try and offer a resolution instantly.
  3. Seek the assistance of a manager/senior staff member to help if required.
  4. Return to you with an answer/resolution within 5 working days if you request it.

User Focus Groups

As a way of improving our level of service we will meet with a selection of our customers to field their views on the service of the Centre. This direct interaction can offer a close insight into the way in which you view us. It also creates a positive customer/provider relationship.

Customer Surveys

These are a great way of evaluating our service level and a way of creating a much wider field of opinions compared to a smaller focus group. Surveying will allow us to produce lots of good information, and also produce trend analysis results that can better illustrate poorer elements of our service to you and allow us to improve them.

Comment Cards

Our comment card box is located to the right of the reception desk at inclusive height level. It is an anonymous record of our service level and allows you our customers to rate your visit on the following subjects: Cleanliness, Quality of Staff, Choice of Activities, Efficiency of service, Professionalism of staff, Safety and anything else you wish. As they are anonymous you can offer with greater accuracy an opinion of our customer service and we welcome that.

Our Standards Promise

The standards outlined below are what Portlaoise Leisure Centre Ltd expect of all of its staff at anytime. If you feel that your visit has been sub-standard then please make us aware as it will help us to identify areas to work on and build into our ongoing customer service training.

Meeting & Greeting

  1. ALL STAFF MEMBERS will be identifiable by a neat & tidy uniform with name badge
  2. You will be met with a polite and approachable attitude
  3. ALL STAFF MEMBERS will listen to you and ask appropriate questions to facilitate your requests

Over the phone

  1. On answering you will ALWAYS be greeted with “Good morning/afternoon/evening Portlaoise Leisure Centre.”
  2. If we need to transfer our call to a relevant department, we will tell you before doing so.
  3. If your request can not be fulfilled immediately you will be asked for and appropriate contacting method & an appropriate time frame to answer your query.

Cleanliness & Maintenance

  1. Our centre will have appropriate written cleaning procedures for our staff to follow on a daily basis.
  2. We will display hygiene checking sheets that will tell you when the last time the area you are in has been cleaned to the expected standard.
  3. As part of our building Planned Preventative Maintenance we will ensure that all of the equipment within the centre is in good safe working order. If an item does cease to work then once it is reported to us we will have it repaired/replaced as necessary as soon as we can using our nominated contractors.

Contact Details:

Telephone:(057) 8681200

E-mail: info@portlaoiseleisurecentre.ie or gm@portlaoiseleisurecentre.ie

Web: www.portlaoiseleisurecentre.ie