• Portlaoise Leisure Centre
  • Portlaoise Leisure Centre
  • Portlaoise Leisure Centre

At Portlaoise Leisure Centre, we have swimming pools suited for those every step of the way, from the complete beginner right through to the pro. Our leisure centre boasts a 25 metre swimming pool, as well as a 10m teaching pool. There is also a separate pool for toddlers who are just starting to get used to the water. We offer swimming lessons to those aged six months and onwards. Our team are fully skilled and here to help those at every stage. We believe you are never too old to start learning!

Swimming is a skill that could save your life. Start your lessons today!

Swimming Pool Features:

  • 25 metre Swimming Pool

  • Separate Toddler Feature Pool

  • 10 metre Teaching Pool

  • Large Sauna & Steam Rooms